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1 on 1 Highly Tailored Women's Fitness & Nutrition Coaching by Johnna Epps

About My Online Coaching:

  • Discover what your body truly needs *no more cookie cutter programs*

  •         Lose fat, build muscle, & maintain your results

  •         LOVE what you see in the mirror

  •         Discover how to design the body you've always wanted

Online Coaching Options:

12 week Transformation package.

I will give you the proper tools to progress and grow not only physically but mentally at an optimal and healthy pace. All the guesswork will be taken away and allow you to live life with balance while progressing. Your program will be geared to you as an individual and your specific goal, whether it is fat loss or muscle gain. You will receive custom program, training program, cardio instruction and supplement recommendations from me. You will have unlimited interaction with me via Trainerize.


● Are you ready to get in the shape of your life?

● Do you need a workout and nutrition program that was specifically designed for you?

● Do you want daily support by me?


No gym? No problem!


Are you ready to give up all your excuses about not having time and drop the misconception of needing a gym to get in shape?

Good, let’s start there.

One of the best things about working out from home is that you don’t have to feel self-conscious about your current shape, weight, or even wardrobe.

It’s just you, maybe some great music and your own, sacred space.

If you are someone who keeps putting off the gym because you’re scared of judgmental looks or even just feeling bad about your body and looks from comparing yourself to other people, then this is the perfect program for you. I have both gym and home programs available.

Program includes:

Explicit customized training plan

Comprehensive customized Meal Plan (regular and vegan options)

Custom Cardio program

Supplementation Recommendations


Via email:

We will have communication via Trainerize App, where you will submit weekly progress pictures and updated stats. I will make changes to your diet and exercise plans according to how your body is responding to the current program.

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Professional Trainers

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