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Johnna & Jade
Mother Daughter Dynamic Duo

My Vision

It took me over 30 years to confidently say,"I love you." to myself. I feel a huge purpose in my life is sharing my story and being transparent enough to hopefully help others on their journey to healing. Project Girl Crush is about truly embracing yourself! My vision is to rid the toxic relationship you are battling within, embracing your sensuality and restoring sexuality creating an environment of freely expressing yourself without feeling judged or ashamed. I'll help you navigate the journey to being comfortable in your own skin, falling back in love with the woman you are, and help you never wish you were someone else again. Let's start your girl crush evolution, to endlessly loving yourself!

My Promise:

You Will Be Seen..

You Will Be Heard..

Your Energy Will Be Felt..

Your Presence Will Be Acknowledged..

Your Transformation Will Start..!


Mother Daughter: Dream Team 

Hey Girl, Heyyy! I'm Johnna Epps, the Owner of Girl Crush University! I specialize in functional based training teaching women that the most efficient and effective machine they'll ever have is their bodies!


Who am I!? 

Not your "Average" Fitness Trainer! I'm a Sassy Northern California Native, that comes from humble beginning with a tenacious attitude for living life to the fullest! Life hasn't always been rainbows and daisies for me, I endured childhood trauma, was a single teen mom, went through a divorce, domestic violence survivor, and struggled with an eating disorder. We ALL have a STORY! Those were all defining moments of my life, that influenced the woman I am today. All of these paths and lessons taught me to appreciate the beauty surrounding me and show gratitude for each day because I AM ALIVE!

Transparency is key to my Coaching. I firmly believe that the power of manifesting positivity leads you towards taking control of your destiny! I have a strong passion for being a resource and spreading empowerment like confetti creating an entire tribe of wildly confident women!

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